Rainy Morning

by joetwo

Lying snugly warm in bed
Happy feelings in my head
Listen to the raindrop’s patter
Trying to ignore the chatter
With little thought it comes to me
That this is where I want to be
I figure I will not get up
I fail to factor in the pup
She bounds within my bedroom door
Demands of me my morning chore
Communicates as clear as talk
Get up it’s now time for my walk
So dragging myself out of bed
Where I would rather stay instead
I put on clothes and coat then brace
For whatever we will face
The weather, truth be told, is shit
And we are walking straight through it
The pup is not a happy bunny
“I told you so!” I find it funny
Back in the house and straight to bed
The pup sticks out her dampened head
While I look out with some dread
For I must go to work instead