The Men who Run the World

by joetwo

In their dark and smoky room

Away from all the world

The men who run the world gathered

Watched as their plans unfurled


Fairfax of the bankers guild

Smoked a fine cigar

Ash fed the mouth of a vase

Ming China, from afar


Lewis from the miners

Dropped a brandy glass

So the maid could clean it up

And he could see her ass


Johnston who owns the factories

Ate a sumptuous feast

With no intent on sharing

Not even in the least


From their screens and bulletins

They watched news come about

As their coffers grew some more

And all the poor lost out


“Recession’s victory for us!”

Said Fairfax to the rest

“The money comes to stall with us

and we like that the best”


So as they muse upon their plans

To steal all in their range

The world is crap for you and me

And things will never change


Written for Trifecta week sixty-two.