Some good reading

by joetwo

Every now and then you need

Something really good to read

Now I have here for you

Some books that are worth a view


First of all from Scriptorwrites

Solemn lows and tragic heights

In Home, a most engaging book

Click on the link to have a look


Also from her and through this portal

In memory we are immortal

A wonderfully well written set

‘Bout something we should not forget


I recommend my good friend Polly

Avoiding her would be a folly

Her Girl’s Got Rhythm‘s very good

I bought a copy, so you should


And Polly also had a hand

In a project rather grand

A Flash of Fiction brought to fore

Writers never seen before


All these books I bought myself

I take them often from the shelf

Never contemplated for removal

They all have my seal of approval

Seal of approval