Scriptor and Joe: A collaborative Haiku story

by joetwo

Hi there! Moving on from the success of Haiku by Two with Anne Schilde I have gone and made another collaborative effort, this time with that wonderful writer and friend of mine Scriptor Obscura. We tried to start things funny but it went kind of dark rather quickly. Well that is what you get when you have more than one person creating I suppose!


After eating beans…

“Jeez! You’re goin’ off like fireworks!

Real room-clearers…”


Tried to blame the dog

But nobody believed me

The poor thing fainted


“Resuscitate, try…”

No use. Dog is pronounced dead.

Vet is mystified.


Had a funeral

Small ceremony out back

Then recriminations


Close my eyes, she’s there.

Hear her barking in my dreams.

Won’t eat beans again!


Family agrees

No beans allowed in the house

Got new dog, not same.



We plan on doing something like this again. I’ll keep you posted.