Flooding the Floor

by joetwo

Once again in a late afternoon

We’re looking to home-time soon

In fact so engrossed one man didn’t think

To turn off the tap when using the sink

And if all that isn’t enough

The drain is filled with filthy stuff

Filling to the top than more

So water spills upon the floor

But the water tap still flows

And under doors the liquid goes

 Pretty soon it’s down the hall

The floor is flooded wall to wall

The carpet’s ruined, desks afloat

Professors use one as a boat

Punting as if they’re in Venice

Shouting words of nasty menace

What they’ll shove up the nose

Of men who err the tap to close

Not long did the boating last

Maintenance were over fast

Using  pumps they cleared the water

Working faster than they ought-er

When the water was all gone

Still a lot of things were wrong

Paper ruined, equipment fired

Half the lab rats had died

We cried in fury at the mess

Demanded someone would confess

But no one did, each has a theory

And looks at suspects nice and leery

We know from now on to be wary

Cause overflowing sinks are scary

We we know you should give a crap

Remember ALWAYS close the tap