What’s The Story

by joetwo

Howya bud, what’s the story?

Tell me what’s the jackanorry

Ya know your one who with your man

She met him at the chipper van

I’d be scarlet for her ma

He got a hiding from her da

Story Bud, any buzz?

Jayz I’ve got an awful scuzz

I must have drunk a dodgey scoop

And now I’m bringing up me hoop

Up this morning in bleeding bits

Me Ma was having fucking fits

How’s the craic head the ball?

You won’t believe your one at all

He was out there keeping sketch

Got caught and has to do a stretch

You should see him in the ‘Joy

Bring his chiseler, little Roy

Haven’t been in a donkey’s year

They’ve some fucking massive beer

It’ll get you langered with one sip

But jayz it is an awful kip

I’d be morto with the gaff

The gear’s enough to make you laugh