Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Science It Up

The idea is a good one

I really like it

But it is missing something, something important

I know what it is


You need to science it up

Add some men in white coats

Just to stand around and look important

Holding writing pads would be a bonus

Maybe something flashing, or buzzing

Yeah! That would be good

And a graphic, “the science bit”

With a good old graph as well

The more colours the better

Some flasks of stuff that looks dangerous

Put a couple of signs too

Danger and explosive

Make things a little tense

After all

You need to science things up

Make it exciting

Because what you do here

Important though it is

Isn’t exciting at all

Fly Away With Me

Fly away with me
Travel to some distant shore
Where the sun always shines
And our troubles are a distant memory
Fly away with me
And let’s make a life anew
Free from our burdens
Missing our pasts
Fly away with me
Let us have nothing but us
Our two souls, our two bodies mingling
Under the tropical sun
Fly away with me
Bring only what is most important
To me that is you
When I have you nothing else matters


Sometimes it has to be done
Though it is neither pleasant or easy
It is necessary
So I do it willingly
Make the sacrifice, do the deed
Others have done it before me
More shall do it after me
I am just part of the cycle
Making the sacrifice
Doing what needs to be done
And if you don’t like that
If you don’t understand
Don’t be troubled
Perhaps some day all this will come into focus
The world will make more sense
And then you will