Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: February, 2013

Grow Old With Me

Grow old with me
Let us watch the world pass by
Let us lament how things have changed
And complain how they always stay the same
Let us ignore the minute details of life
And concentrate on the important stuff
Like who gets to tuck the grandkids in
Or who will get the last word today
More so, grow old with me
So that I can spend each day with you
Everyday an adventure
Everyday made new an exciting
Simply because you are there
To share it with me

To Secretaries

Who’s the one who knows it all?

On whom does the burden fall?

It’s not the boss, nor you or me

It is the humble secretary

She (Or He, we should not guess)

Keeps on cleaning up our mess

Understands the system most

And never is one to boast

Can get you out of any bind

And if asked nicely, doesn’t mind

Who always knows just what to do

To secretaries here to you!

Just To Say

I thought I would send this letter

Just to say

What I have wanted to say for some time

What has been in my thoughts for ages

That I hate you

With a passion

And I never want to see you again


I thought it would be best

For both of us

Me especially

Just to say

I have grown to despise you over the years

I cannot endure it any longer

I’m liable to kill here


So here are my words

Just to say

What needs to be said

We’re over

Finished, through

If I ever talk to you again

It will be far too soon

Limericks 21/02/13

I once had a friend who pray tell
Had a very fine suit left to sell
Said he “it’s fitted for smalls
Though was stored in mothballs
And we can’t do a thing ’bout the smell!”
I understand scientists need
All research papers to read
But you buy all those books
Give them a few looks
And you’re left with barely a screed

Snug And Tight

Cold outside

The sky is white

We are wrapped up

Snug and tight

Layers of blankets

Nice and deep


We don’t make a peep

Good and cosy

Very hot

Sweating like a


We are wanting soon to sleep

Together as we lay

Because quite soon the sun rise

And start a brand new day


I am on a quest
A noble, glorious quest
Seeking adventure, a sense of purpose
And if I get laid along the way?
That’s fine too
Some wealth would be nice as well
If I find gold I might just take some
For expenses you understand
No other reason
After all I’m on a quest
And above such petty things
But a man still has to live
Doesn’t he?

On Your Own

I’ve heard the crazy schemes you plan

Spinning ’round your mind

I’d say that they don’t have a chance

They’re hopeless you will find

You’ve gone with these nutty ideas

Since before you were grown

If you keep on trying

Well, you’re on your own


I don’t want to see you

Making a mess

It’s too hard to bare

That I must confess

So will not stay

As you fall from your throne

You did this yourself

You’re on your own


But I just feel that

When you yell and yelp

As the shit starts to build

And you cry for help

 I will realise

As I’ve always known

I’ll stand beside you

You’re not on your own

The First Time

Nothing like your first time

The build-up

The anticipation

Your imagination working over drive

So many sweet scenarios

Until it finally plays out

Each first time different

Delightfully unique

A lottery of life

Sometimes wondrous

Other times a bitter disappointment

But that is the nature of first times

And the really brilliant thing about the first time

There are so many times to come later

As it is only the beginning

The start of something new

Limericks 18/02/13

I better log off the internet
But I cannot do it just yet
I have emails to send
Then must chat to a friend
I’ll log off when everything’s set
Many long years from now
I’m people will know how
Though you may be ugly
Your soul folks will see
And people around will go wow!

Haikus 18/02/13

Laptop is open
Yet the words are not produced
Dreaded writer’s block
Just gone twenty eight
Can’t believe how old I am
Cos I still feel young
No drinking nightclubs
An oxymoron you say
Then check this place out
Got a new tablet
Pup gets between me and it
Tragic jealousy