Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: March, 2013

Cold Feet

I have cold feet
On this the day I should be in my prime
But find myself stayed
On hold I have cold feet
I do not know when they’ll thaw again.
Written for trifecta <a href="trifextra week sixty one“>trifextra week sixty one

No Drink Friday

Walk around old Dublin town this very special day
You’ll find nobody happy will come upon your way
Did misfortune find this place? You take the time to think
“On good Friday” shouts a tortured soul “The Irish cannot drink!”

“All the pubs are closed today the restaurants have gone dry
You cannot find a drink about no matter how you try”
At which he ran into a shop and grabbed what he could reach
Then in his desperation drank a quart of toilet bleach

Most men with inside knowledge here have stocked up for today
With booze aplenty in their homes to keep their thirst at bay
Further more wealthy folks to drinking access gain
Book a return flight out-of-state or maybe take a train

Two days a year the laws demand that drinking places close
They figured if they had tried more rebellion would have rose
So for today with panic struck the nation has gone dry
“Oh please! Roll on Saturday!” we hear the dipsos cry


Scriptor and Joe Collaboration Three

Hi all! It is that time of the month again for a collaboration between me and Scriptor Obscura, an excellent blogger you should check out. We decided to go with the tried and trusted Haiku story again. Hope you like it!

She sits at window,
lamplight shadows flickering.
She sighs, heart heavy.

She holds a picture
Old watercolour painting
A young man stares out

“You should be here, Stan.”
Outside, footsteps crunch packed snow.
Hard knocking, doorbell.

There stands an old man
A white beard surrounds young eyes
Her heart beats faster

“S-Stan? Th-That you?”
“I’m Alastair, your husband!
Have ye gone daft, Anne?”

“Stan was my brother
 He died years ago honey
You and him went out”

“But…I could’ve sworn…”
“Shh. Come, Anne. Damn Alzheimer’s.”
“You look so alike…”

“I know Anne; I know!”
“He was the love of my life.”
“I know that too Anne.”

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Maybe we could do it
Take another chance?
Make another go at it?
Right the wrongs
Forget the past
The words all under the bridge

Maybe we’ll get through this time
Despite what went before
Despite the history
The burden on our hearts
That have dragged us down before
Returning us to this impasse

But I have a feeling it won’t happen
Life doesn’t work that way
Past performance does show the way of the future
All that happened will repeat
And we will find ourselves
On opposite sides, throwing insults and crockery
Yet again

The Eye

Single minded
Without mercy or break
Without remorse or quarter
With its single purpose
Nothing else
No bargaining or diverting
Just what it after
All in the eye
The intensity of the eye
That constant stare
Unrelenting, unforgiving
Looking, just looking
Until you cave, breakdown
And relent
Do what they want
And the eye moves on
To new targets, conquests
The never-ending search for victory

The Game

Play the game with me
The game of life
The game of living
The rules are simple
There are none
Just live
Make do as you can
Try not to hurt one another
Or be prepared to fight if you do
Find the one special to you
Maybe settle down, maybe not
Try and make your mark
Your stamp in the world
The little piece that lives on
But it doesn’t matter if you don’t
Because the game is not played to be won
There is no winning
Just the game
The eternal play
For that is the nature of life
That is the fun of the game


You think this is sacrosanct?
Well let me tell you something mister
It is anything but
What you treasure, have kept away
Would be like the icing on the cake to these…gentlemen
Rich pickings for those who have everything
Everything by taking from those who have nothing
Nothing especially after they have finished with them
Their savings, their earnings, their very homes
Under the guise of taxes, contributions
Doing your bit
Larceny in the name of patriotism
Hidden by the flags or nation or country
And this theft is defilement of the sacrosanct
Was brought by those we trust the most
Those whose power was given by the people
Elected by those from whom they wish to take
And they will continue
Until those at the bottom say “no more!”
And rise in waves of popular anger
To avenge the defilement
And return the sacrosanct to its rightful place

Haikus 22/03/13

Rain is falling down
Intermingled with light snow
It is spring my foot!

Some heavy coughing
Bugs spread around the packed bus
Waves of contagion

Apartment hunting
Think I have found a good one
Time for an offer

New Ground

Come with me
Let us break new ground
Start over, start afresh
With new direction and purpose
Forget our pasts
Forget the words, the lies
Forget the hate
Instead, look only to the now
To the future, what might be
What could be
If we only agree to work together
If we only can forgive
If we only can forget
But that will never happen
The wounds are too deep
Scarring any chance at a future