Scriptor and Joe collaboration two

by joetwo

Hi all. This is the second collaboration between myself and Scriptor Obscura, a fabulous writer who you should check out. This time we went with a story were we each contributed a few lines and our ‘individual’ imaginations got to do their work. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.


I have to travel a lot as part of my job. I know I know, it is just the cards I have been dealt.

As a result I spend an awful lot of my time in departure lounges or waiting in cheap hotels.

I am not one for reading so whenever I find myself with time to kill I just like to make conversation with whomever is beside me.

Many people just ignore me but a good few, more often than most, respond to me and we have a great chat.

I can’t begin to imagine the many different topics that I have discoursed on over the years but it has been everything from war stories to how one man met the love of his life (I love that guy!)

One of the most interesting stories however has to be what happened to me when I was travelling through Frankfurt airport, I found an old woman there while I was waiting for my flight. She must have been around seventy I think. I asked her where she was travelling and she responded like so many had done before.

“Oh I’m not travelling, I’m waiting for my daughter.”

“Oh I see.”

“She’s returning from Thailand,” the old woman beamed. “I never knew I had a daughter.” Rummaging through her purse, she pulled out a Polaroid. “See, this is Claudia, when she was little.”

“Is that…a boy?” 

The woman stared at me, blinking. 

“That’s Claudia. She was always Claudia. She should’ve told me sooner,” the woman sighed, then brightened. A leggy blond emerged from the elevator gripping a suitcase, scanning the crowd.

“Claudia!” The old woman leapt, knocking her purse to the floor. She waved frantically as I gaped, slack-jawed.

Claudia waved back and the old woman took off like a sprinter out of her chair. I barely noticed; Claudia was simply stunning, I couldn’t keep my eyes away from her. But there was more; a twinge in the inner recesses of my memory as I looked at her. 

Mother and daughter embraced and while chatting made their way towards the exit. It was then when I regained some of my composure that I noticed that the mother had left her purse where it had fallen.

Ever the gent I grabbed it and took off in hot pursuit after them. 

“Hey, wait! Hey!” 

Mother and daughter stopped, turned.

“Here, you…forgot…this,” I panted, handing over the purse. I turned to Claudia. “I remember you…”

Claudia blinked.

“Kurt Steinmüller! You were an exchange student at Trinity College,” I smiled.

Claudia frowned. “Kurt’s dead. I’m Claudia now. Come mother, lets go.” She tossed her hair.

“No! Wait! We should get together sometime, catch up. I see you’ve, uh…changed…”

Claudia’s eyes narrowed.

“And you haven’t. Viel spass, du hurensohn.” She turned around.

“Huh? Whad’ya say?”

“Have fun, you son of a bitch.” Her tittering echoed as she strode through the exit doors, heels clacking.

I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I followed them out the exit, the sound of my flight being called silenced by the closing automatic doors.

I saw Kurt, (now Claudia) and her mother walking towards the waiting taxi stand.

“Stop please!” I yelled “We can’t leave it like this!”

Claudia turned with fire in her eyes and marched back towards me. She stopped right in from of me, our noses almost touching and she said in a low voice 

“You left it a long time ago when you said you would never love a woman. Goodbye Daniel.”

“Wait!” I grabbed her arm. “I didn’t mean never…Look, lemme get my bag. I’ll be back.”

“What about your flight, idiot? Are you deaf?” Claudia grabbed me by the shirt. “I’m. Not. Interested!” She pushed me away, shaking her head.

I stumbled backward, felt a heavy hand on my shoulder.

“Everything alright here?” The officer’s badge gleamed.

“Uh, yeah. We were just…arguing. I’m leaving now. Sorry.” 

Claudia smirked, a slow grin spreading across her face.

“This guy assaulted me. I want to press charges.” 

The officer frowned.

“Mm hm, I see…”

I felt the handcuffs click around my wrists.


I struggled against the cuffs.

There were loud footsteps behind me and another pair of arms forced me to the ground.

“You don’t understand!” I pleaded “I know her. We used to go out back when she was a m…!”

I was cut short by something sharp pressing against my belly. An electric force surged through my body.

The last thing I saw before I blacked was Claudia; standing there, watching me with a grin on her face.

I never did see her again; she never pressed charges.

But that grin stayed with me. It was the same little grin that Kurt always had, mocking me, whenever he won our petty little arguments, so long ago.