An Ode To True Lies

by joetwo

My favourite actor, the best that I know
Good at the action but dialogue? No!
Who else can make a bad quip with glee?
The master of crappy, our friend Arnie

Our man plays the hero, who fights the good fight
Mild mannered in public yet a spy out of sight
Tom Arnold the partner, the schemes they would hatch
And C Heston the boss wearing an eye patch

Jamie Lee Curtis plays the bored wife
Who’s unaware of Arnie’s double life
The daughter was played by Eliza Dushku
Too young here by far so shame on you!

The villains here are ahead of their age
Mid eastern terrorists all filled with rage
Stealing a nuke was really quite clever
With Tia Carrera who’s as sexy as ever

They’re chased by Arnie up on a horse
He kills them all with a line of course
As for incidentals I can’t fail to admit
The poor old guy who was taking a shit

Last but not least I’ll say what I can
About the character played by Pullman
Who says he’s a spy so he can get tail
But when up against Arnie is an epic fail

It is a daft bit of fun
From the master of flash James Cameron
Over too quickly, how fun time flies
When your watching the greatness that is True Lies