A Marvelous Party

by joetwo

We arrived at the place about half past eight
The hostess had warned us not to be late
The venue was packed with the good and the great
The start of a marvelous party

The drink was flowing free from the bar
At the word of it people had flocked from on far
Judges, writers and one movie star
Starstruck at a marvelous party

The music came from a live band
The stuff by themselves sounded pretty grand
But their covers would make your neck-hairs all stand
And we danced at a marvelous party

With the dresses and cleavage and muscle on show
Cavorting ongoing wherever you’d go
Too much temptation to simply say “no”
Free love at a marvelous party

With music and romance, the dancing intense
Up to the rafters, packed in pretty dense
No wall flowers here, no one stayed on the fence
All in at a marvelous party

Raucous revelry for the whole night
Everyone staying until morning’s light
The buses were back on so we got home alright
At the end of a marvelous party