National Hangover Day

by joetwo

Pints gobbled down straight by the score
Green laced vomit all over the floor
We now have to suffer because of yesterday’s play
On this Ireland’s national hangover day

Suffering greater cause we fell of the wagon
Downed fifteen green bottles and maybe a naggin
Hangover’s relentless, our day’s in a fog
Some respite brought by the hair of the dog

Breakfast essential on hangover day
Helps the illness maybe go away
Sausage and egg, rashers as well
The more greasy the better, to live through this hell

A day for the leaba, just for the bed
As the whole world spins in your head
The mammy brings up a nice cup of tea
With two panadol just the cure for ye!

You curse all the hijinks you get up to last night
“Why did I drink that or eat all that shite?”
But those who celebrate Saint Patrick’s day
Must now go through national hangover day