by joetwo

You think this is sacrosanct?
Well let me tell you something mister
It is anything but
What you treasure, have kept away
Would be like the icing on the cake to these…gentlemen
Rich pickings for those who have everything
Everything by taking from those who have nothing
Nothing especially after they have finished with them
Their savings, their earnings, their very homes
Under the guise of taxes, contributions
Doing your bit
Larceny in the name of patriotism
Hidden by the flags or nation or country
And this theft is defilement of the sacrosanct
Was brought by those we trust the most
Those whose power was given by the people
Elected by those from whom they wish to take
And they will continue
Until those at the bottom say “no more!”
And rise in waves of popular anger
To avenge the defilement
And return the sacrosanct to its rightful place