No Drink Friday

by joetwo

Walk around old Dublin town this very special day
You’ll find nobody happy will come upon your way
Did misfortune find this place? You take the time to think
“On good Friday” shouts a tortured soul “The Irish cannot drink!”

“All the pubs are closed today the restaurants have gone dry
You cannot find a drink about no matter how you try”
At which he ran into a shop and grabbed what he could reach
Then in his desperation drank a quart of toilet bleach

Most men with inside knowledge here have stocked up for today
With booze aplenty in their homes to keep their thirst at bay
Further more wealthy folks to drinking access gain
Book a return flight out-of-state or maybe take a train

Two days a year the laws demand that drinking places close
They figured if they had tried more rebellion would have rose
So for today with panic struck the nation has gone dry
“Oh please! Roll on Saturday!” we hear the dipsos cry