Scriptor and Joe Collaboration Three

by joetwo

Hi all! It is that time of the month again for a collaboration between me and Scriptor Obscura, an excellent blogger you should check out. We decided to go with the tried and trusted Haiku story again. Hope you like it!

She sits at window,
lamplight shadows flickering.
She sighs, heart heavy.

She holds a picture
Old watercolour painting
A young man stares out

“You should be here, Stan.”
Outside, footsteps crunch packed snow.
Hard knocking, doorbell.

There stands an old man
A white beard surrounds young eyes
Her heart beats faster

“S-Stan? Th-That you?”
“I’m Alastair, your husband!
Have ye gone daft, Anne?”

“Stan was my brother
Β He died years ago honey
You and him went out”

“But…I could’ve sworn…”
“Shh. Come, Anne. Damn Alzheimer’s.”
“You look so alike…”

“I know Anne; I know!”
“He was the love of my life.”
“I know that too Anne.”