Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: March, 2013


I am rich
Monied, flash
Oversized in the wallet
Loaded with cash
Nothing’s too expensive
No price is too much
For I can afford it
With diamonds and such
And if you have nothing
My generosity’s vast
If you need a lift
My limo’s real fast
More money than sense
Minted and posh
I could give it away
But that is just tosh
Just cause I’m wealthy
And you may not be
Won’t mean we don’t value
The things that are free

Through the Side of the Eye

Close yet so far
Separated by seats
But it might as well be miles
Not a chance of talking of getting to know one another
Of changing those glances
Through the side of the eye
Into something more
But time marches on
Nothing happens
And we both leave
A hint of regret in the air
Over what never happened
And what was lost
The wonder of possibility
Through the side of the eye

Limericks 19/03/13

I was a while learning to drive
Cause I failed until test number five
At the first time I tried
The poor tester cried
“I made it! Thank God I’m alive!”
I saw a rat down by the river
The sight of it just made me quiver
Just look at it squirm
Like a hairy black worm
It sickens me down to my liver
Saint Paddy’s day was on last week
It’s sure not a time for the meek
With plenty of drink
Not much time to think
The done thing to do is to freak!
Nothing quite beats a turf fire
I like the briquettes piled higher
Add a few sticks of ash
Miscellaneous trash
And you’ll have a wonderful pyre

Haikus 19/03/13

Sleet falls from the sky
Cold, wet and miserable
An Irish welcome
A man on the bus
Earphones in singing like mad
Being mad’s easy
Now I’m back to work
After a week pretending
What damage was done?

National Hangover Day

Pints gobbled down straight by the score
Green laced vomit all over the floor
We now have to suffer because of yesterday’s play
On this Ireland’s national hangover day

Suffering greater cause we fell of the wagon
Downed fifteen green bottles and maybe a naggin
Hangover’s relentless, our day’s in a fog
Some respite brought by the hair of the dog

Breakfast essential on hangover day
Helps the illness maybe go away
Sausage and egg, rashers as well
The more greasy the better, to live through this hell

A day for the leaba, just for the bed
As the whole world spins in your head
The mammy brings up a nice cup of tea
With two panadol just the cure for ye!

You curse all the hijinks you get up to last night
“Why did I drink that or eat all that shite?”
But those who celebrate Saint Patrick’s day
Must now go through national hangover day


It comes
As it does in the tropics
In seconds clouds open
Torrents of rain fall
Drenching all out
Then just as quick the sun appears
Evaporating all
Vanishing in clouds of steam


Written for Trifecta Trifextra week Fifty-Nine
Photo credit: BĂ©renger ZYLA/ CC BY-NC-ND

Contrails: A cinquain

High in the sky
Straight lines against the blue
Another sign of man’s presence
Up there
Since all the great and good have tried Cinquains

The Journey Home

Soon I will be on my way
On wings of riveted steel
Flying higher than the clouds
Journeying back to my home
My place in the world
Across nations
Across oceans
Across the zones of time
Back to what I knew
Better for coming here
New experiences
New knowledge
No regrets at all
But still
Nice to be home
Back where the hearth glows warm

Limericks 14/03/13

I arrived in the US of A
And I went for a food bill to pay
They said do not slip
To leave them a tip
So I said “Blake in the fifth, two way”
When off for a dinner so good
I ate far more food than I should
They said “If you gobble all that
Then you’re bound to get fat
You won’t fit in the clothes that you should.
For Paddy’s day I’ll be back home
So around Dublin city I’ll roam
I might watch the parade
And give tourists some aid
Saying “That’s no leprechaun, that’s a gnome!”


There it was
Just there
Between the two of us
A flicker, an ephemeral glimpse
Of meaning
Of communication
Unseen by the rest
Not using the universal measures
Just a glance
A nod of the head
Learnt with years of experience
Of knowing each other
Of understanding each other
Two people so close
Words are irrelevant
For the connection is beyond words
Beneath words
Two people who just know
What the other is thinking
What the other is feeling
Two souls in sync with each other.