An Ode to Caddyshack

by joetwo

What sport deserves the greatest spoof?
Where do old rich white men goof?
Who wears trousers that makes you rolf?
The sport I chance to name is golf

A golf club in Americana
Inhabited by odd fauna
Pursued by Murray but no push-over
The one and only dancing gopher

Sex and drugs and rodenticide
Though Murray always misses wide
Unlike our hero with locks of curls
Who keeps getting all the girls

Dangerfield and Chevy Chase
Slobbish members of their race
Call the Judge on a bet
A cliff-hang ending is then set

‘Snobs v slobs’ is the line
We know who’ll turn out just fine
With nenanenananana in the hole
Chase had got it on the whole

But Dangerfield brings it to a head
And they are old left for dead
But Murray’s demolition show
Knocks the ball in and they go

For Bill Murray going mad
Storm-golf like the latest fad
Fake crap in the swimming pool
Caddyshack’s the one to rule