Robbing Peter

by joetwo

Of all the mandarins in the dail
He’s the sneakiest of all
To keep finances standing tall
He’s robbing Peter to pay Paul

“But Peter dear! You don’t need money!”
He says with voice dripping like honey
“Your complaints just sound funny
Now go outside where it is sunny”

But Peter he would not relent
He chased it like he was hell-sent
For food, and clothing even rent
His money gone he did lament

Peter’s revenge was swift and cold
Against the dail a plan quite bold
He locked poor Paul within the hold
And then made off with all the gold

With Paul bereft all’s fallen through
No mandarin knew what to do
The villains hadn’t had a clue
They still had schemes but they were few

But Peter knew Paul’s innocent
And as a gesture did relent
To leave with him a small percent
Paul said “thank you” which he meant

The lesson here is clear to all
If you find a cash short-fall
It wouldn’t be the wisest call
To rob Peter to pay Paul