Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: May, 2013

Limericks 31/05/13

(Author’s note: a little bawdy today. I think it’s the summer sun! )

I’ve been told that the late Bobby Fitz
Was a fan of ladies with big tits
When one would walk by
He’d remark with a sigh
“I’d like to get those in my mitts!”

The son of Rory McCloud
Was known to be quite well endowed
He said “Just so you know
If you all want a show
I can make it stand up and be proud!”


Oh Minion, my lackey

Mine to command

You must obey

My every demand

No matter how petty

Or badly thought through

Someone must do it

That someone is you

For you are my minion

My indentured slave

And I’m gonna work you

To an early grave

You may think it’s unfair

But I’m telling you

See you are the minion

You’ve got work to do

Haikus 30/05/13

Dreaded third year talks
Students filled with dread dead-still
Their words spout forth

Cat sizzling in sun
To make sure all sides are cooked
It then turns over

Lakes in the sunshine
Glistening like a billion stars
Beauty born of wind

Scriptor and Joe Collaboration 5

Hi all! It is that time of the month again! Time for another collaboration with that most excellent writer Scriptor Obscura. This time it is a haiku story, we each wrote different haikus in the context of a developing story. Try and guess who wrote what.


Walking past dumpster,

I could hear something crying.

Stop. Look. A baby.


Poor thing was filthy

I reached in and took it up

A quick check. A girl.


I dial the police,

Then take her in and clean her.

She calms. Blue eyes stare.


“What now little one?”

I smile. She gurgles at me

Sirens come closer


I wrap her warmly,

Then scribble down a quick note,

Tuck it in blanket.


An ambulance comes

Men in black with grim faces

They take her. She cries.


“We’ll take it from here.”

“But could I see her again?”

“It’s not up to us.”


Eighteen years later

Young woman. Aged note in hands.

“Hi! Remember me?”



I know you

You vile temptress

Evil enchantress

Queen of the succubi

You have me in your spell

Enraptured by your beauty

Captured by your magic

With you there are no others

No other way but with you

I am yours, fight as I might

All struggle, all resistance

Pointless and powerless

I have already succumbed

The battle lost before it has begun

I never stood a chance

For you oh temptress

I was always going to fall

Haikus 28/05/13

A horrible stench
And brown stains on the carpet
Someone was cut short

What a funny world
With strange ways of doing things
Who’ll figure it out?

Summer’s upon us
But say whatever you like
No socks and sandals


I statue-still canal waters
In the orange light of a setting Sun
Ripples on the surface belie the presence of mayflies
Swooping and dipping
Entranced in their lust-filled
Animal dance
The dance of new life
Of nature reborn

I Should

I should have held back
I should have asked more
I should have let it slide
I should not have kept score

I should have showed what’s in my heart
I should have learned to cry
But most of all I shouldn’t have
Let you say goodbye

Looking Through Sunglasses

Sun-drenched streets
Filled with people
Out about their business
I see it all, through brown-tinted glasses
I watch the world pass by

I watch mother with child
Seven years old
Demanding an Ice cream
She’s too busy draggs him along
Her expression tells of no money in her purse

I see two lovers
Right after an argument
The words had cut deep
Tears in her eyes
He keeps his distance
Their held-hands span a gulf

A teen marches past us
Her clothes, her look all shout
To avoid her stare
Yet her eyes scream
Notice me for once

From the betting-shop
An older man marches out
The horses have been kind
He marches with the certainty
Of a man who knows he’ll eat tonight

All this and more
I see through the brown-tint
Of the glasses
Hidden eyes
Seeing so much more for the concealment

A Phantom

You’re not real

Only a phantom

Only existing in my mind

My imagination

No basis in reality

What I see and hear

But my heart cares not

For I need you

Desire you, love you

Though only a phantom

You have captured my heart

Though only in my mind you occupy my thoughts

Without existence you are as real to me

As any who walk by me

More so even

For you understand me

And I you

Though only a phantom

My love for you has made you flesh and blood

A gift of belief has given you substance

More beautiful than any reality can conceive

I’m in love with a phantom

And I don’t think I would have it any other way