Looking Through Sunglasses

by joetwo

Sun-drenched streets
Filled with people
Out about their business
I see it all, through brown-tinted glasses
I watch the world pass by

I watch mother with child
Seven years old
Demanding an Ice cream
She’s too busy draggs him along
Her expression tells of no money in her purse

I see two lovers
Right after an argument
The words had cut deep
Tears in her eyes
He keeps his distance
Their held-hands span a gulf

A teen marches past us
Her clothes, her look all shout
To avoid her stare
Yet her eyes scream
Notice me for once

From the betting-shop
An older man marches out
The horses have been kind
He marches with the certainty
Of a man who knows he’ll eat tonight

All this and more
I see through the brown-tint
Of the glasses
Hidden eyes
Seeing so much more for the concealment