Scriptor and Joe Collaboration 5

by joetwo

Hi all! It is that time of the month again! Time for another collaboration with that most excellent writer Scriptor Obscura. This time it is a haiku story, we each wrote different haikus in the context of a developing story. Try and guess who wrote what.


Walking past dumpster,

I could hear something crying.

Stop. Look. A baby.


Poor thing was filthy

I reached in and took it up

A quick check. A girl.


I dial the police,

Then take her in and clean her.

She calms. Blue eyes stare.


“What now little one?”

I smile. She gurgles at me

Sirens come closer


I wrap her warmly,

Then scribble down a quick note,

Tuck it in blanket.


An ambulance comes

Men in black with grim faces

They take her. She cries.


“We’ll take it from here.”

“But could I see her again?”

“It’s not up to us.”


Eighteen years later

Young woman. Aged note in hands.

“Hi! Remember me?”