Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: June, 2013

Haikus 28/06/13

Filming around here
Anachronisms are banned
No cars in the shot

Tripped over and fell
“My God man! What are you, blind?”
“Yes!” From behind shades

Outside vet’s clinic
Dog knowing where he’s going
Refuses to move


Something has been done
The nettle grasped
The day siezed
The world awaits
And we have not been found wanting
Though at times it has been tough
Tempers have flared
Wrenches thrown in the works
But we have prevailed
Gotten through
We have done what needs to be done

Haikus 25/06/13

Summer fever strikes
Mucus flows liberally
Who wants to kiss me?!

Lily pads beckon
The herons must be busy
Not a single frog

Weeds underwater
A single bubble floats up


I have reached the realisation
After many unpleasant nights
Hours and hours of regret
That when all is said and done
You are unhealthy for me
There is a poison in you
Some allergen that effects
That brings harm to me
It is tastless, oderless
Felt only by its effects
Yet, and this is the true poison
I cannot turn you away
I am addicted to you
I cannot quit
You are unhealty
A poison that eats me away
And yet, even knowing that
I cannot stop going to you
And death seems like a fair trade
To whet my ceaseless desire
My neverending quest for you

Haikus 20/06/13

Sinuses are blocked
Eyes puffy, throat keeps catching
Damn blasted hayfever

Gorgeous dresses, sharp suits
The wedding party marches
To the reception

Thought my phone was lost
I got a call yesterday
Off to go get it

Music to my Ears

Your voice, your sweet voice

Is music to my ears

The morning chorus has nothing on you

Like choirs of angels singing

It is the sweetest serenade

The most gorgeous melody

I long to hear it

Yearn to listen to its captivating tune

Haunts my waking moments

Permeates my dreams

With the thought

The ever-present wish

That your voice will say

“I love you”

Haikus 17/06/13

The first lady comes
The whole city’s in lock-down
Anything for tourists

Bloomsday festival
People come from all over
A lot of boater hats

The taking of christ
Work of a gifted painter


Before I start a quick confession I read through Ulysses but did not understand a bleeding word of it nevertheless I like the idea of Bloomsday it is an awful lot of fun.

Relive that day
A mid-June sun rises
Upon packed Dublin streets
The sleepy martello tower
It is the second city of the empire
And here wanders Leopold Bloom
On his own odyssey
With many others, now immortalized
The artist, the citizen, Molly, Dignam
Frozen from that day in print
In the tangled webs of Joycean language
And revived on that eternally memorialised date
Honoured as is the artist himself
On the day named for our own Odysseus
Bloom of Eccles street


Father’s Day

My epitome of man
The basis for my life
Who I have sometimes worshiped
And often emulated
Master of the sofa
Ruler of the remote control
Speaker of much shite
But as good-natured as they come
Always there for a kick about
Or a shared laugh
On this father’s day
Here’s to you!

Haikus 14/06/13

Can’t wait for tonight
Gonna see The Man of Steel
It better be good

First sun then the rain
Then sun, then fog, then some hail
Will drive you to drink

Moving the heater
Felt a crunch, tail sticking out
Bye bye little fish!