The Debs

by joetwo

Early one evening on a late Summer’s night

Young men and women are cowering in fright

Done up in dresses, the finest of threads

Nervously waiting for the start of their debs

Young lads in tuxes pining for a date

Ladies waiting to be fashionably late

Couples and singles, and friends by the score

Waiting to see what the debs has in store

Drunken hijinks were meant to be banned

For that kind of stuff, the parents won’t stand

But the fact was most of them were over-age

And when it is legal, drinking’s the rage

The music started, the dancing began

With young boys and girls the passion soon ran

The young teens were at it like monkeys in heat

Leaving chaperones rushed clear off their feet

The party stopped at the stroke of midnight

By the time it was over the place looked a sight

All drunken young scholars, debauchery galore

Just like every debs that had been there before