Poetry from a Dublin Scientist


I’ll remember it all
Every second, every instant
Every word, every look
Every touch, every kiss
Because with you
Every moment lasts a lifetime
Every day lasts an eternity
I have spent all the time in the world with you
When it lasts this long
How can it not be memorable?



Moonrise over a tired city
The day of work is done
The denizens of the night emerge
Free to spread their havoc
Unleash their foul mischief
While we all sleep
After moonrise over the city
If is no longer ours anymore

Haikus 18/09/13

Leaves are turning brown
The air is turning nippy
Summer is over

A blast of hot air
Coming out of Leinster house
The Dail’s in session

Meeting the parents
I shouldn’t worry too much
You like me, so’ll they