Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: September, 2013

Limericks 03/09/13

A footballer thought that he’d bag
A gorgeous model for a WAG
Said he “after all that I did
I’ve earned millions of quid
I deserve so much more than a hag”

One evening I thought that I’d do
Some kidney beans up in a stew
I boiled them enough
So they wern’t so tough
And ate them all till they were through

A fir standing in a forest
Went to lean on a larch for a rest
Said the larch “hubaloo
You’ll knock me over too
And I find that will not be best”


The Gaps

You dwell in the gaps
The hidden places
Either unknown
Or unknowable
Adding mystery
A touch of magic
To a world often grey
Over the years
With march of time and progress
Many gaps have filled
Are now open to the light
Yet some remain
And there you are still
In the gaps
Begging the question
Are the gaps mysterious because you’re there?
Or are you there because of the mystery of the gaps?