Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: October, 2013

Haikus 24/10/13

It is Halloween

The Hallowed feast of samhain

A happy new year


A costume party

Super heroes, movie stars

And flesh on display


Halloween fireworks

Flashes fill the Dublin sky

Our fourth of July

It Ended on a Sunday


She ended on a Sunday

Her mind gave up the fight then

Two years before her body

Bested by burst blood vessels

And cholesterol plaques

From then on

It wasn’t her

The wit, the spring in her step

All she was, what made her unique

Had been expunged

What remained was a shadow

Re-exploring the world

Reduced to infancy again

Struggling to regain some normalcy

But fighting a losing battle

She died on a Friday

But it ended on a Sunday

That was when I held my grief

A long time before


Weekend Worker

Each and every Saturday

When all his friends have gone to play

Through rain or hail or sunny day

The weekend worker slaves away


Whether working at a store

Or for a boss just wanting more

He knows it’s wrong right at his core

But weekend worker knows the score


Maybe he’s in it for the cash

And though that means his life’s a hash

Don’t so quickly move to bash

You see it keeps him looking flash


More likely he is forced you see

By the needs of family

Things are getting so more pricey

He works to keep them going nicely


So as you take your weekend break

Spare a thought, no fun to make

Their the base of our world’s cake

They’re working hard not one bit fake


Dance with me my love

Through every precious moment

Every second, every hour matters

Each instant means something

For all is finite

Nothing will last for ever

Eventually our time will pass

So make the most of it

Savour each minute

Every embrace, each touch

Every night and every day

Treat each like our last

Make every moment memorable

Our time is precious

Treasure it always

Haikus 16/10/13

The latest budget
Cutting the young people’s dole
Screwing the future

Heavy rain today
I thought I that I’d be fine
Left with soggy socks

As the days turn cold
I feel that nothing at all
Beats a real live fire

On the pillow

There it is
I can smell it
Your scent on the pillow
Left from the night before
Fading but still noticeable
A reminder
Not in the least bit subtle
Of what we shared
What we have
I breathe deep
Savouring the scent
As it brings me back
Back to each perfect moment
I had with you

Your Guide

If you’re ever lost
Cast into the darkness
Blinded by the light
Fear not my love
Take my hand
For I will be your guide
My eyes will be yours
I will see you through the night
Through the danger
You need never fear again
Because in the darkness
I will be by your side
From now on

Scriptor and Joe Collaboration nine

Hi there. It’s that time of the month again for once again another collaboration between myself and my good friend Scriptor Obscura. Those of you who know her will know that she is no longer on WordPress but she is still on the internets on twitter as @scriptorobscura. We did the following as a twitter exchange. Probably the first of many.



Sunbeam pierces glass.

She turns, squints, raises her hand.

Dust motes dance in warmth.


She moves a blanket

More dust flies into the air

She pauses to cough


“Miss Smith, lay back down.

You need rest. You’re not well yet.”

She sighs, stares at nurse.


“You don’t control me.

Wait until my husband’s home

He will throw you out”


“You’re not home Miss Smith,

you are in the hospital.

You have no husband.”


“But… I am married

We’ve been together for years

I remember it.”


“Und how’s ze patient?”

“She thinks she’s married, Doctor.”

“Hmm. Tranquillize her.”


Jab of a needle

Between awake and asleep

Her husband walks in


Limericks 08/10/13

I once caught a very large fish

Who granted whatever I’d wish

I was quite peckish

So I thought it delish

To have him served up as a dish


A parrot I owned used to curse

Saying “dammit” and “bugger” and worse

Once it didn’t get fed

And quick off it sped

Shouting language quite perverse

Haikus 04/10/13

Into schools and halls
Hoards of people queue to vote
Democracy rules

The Eye looks at you
Silently demands and pleads
Dog wants a cookie

Lightly stroke her arm
Breathing in each other’s scent
Some late-night cuddling