Scriptor and Joe Collaboration nine

by joetwo

Hi there. It’s that time of the month again for once again another collaboration between myself and my good friend Scriptor Obscura. Those of you who know her will know that she is no longer on WordPress but she is still on the internets on twitter as @scriptorobscura. We did the following as a twitter exchange. Probably the first of many.



Sunbeam pierces glass.

She turns, squints, raises her hand.

Dust motes dance in warmth.


She moves a blanket

More dust flies into the air

She pauses to cough


“Miss Smith, lay back down.

You need rest. You’re not well yet.”

She sighs, stares at nurse.


“You don’t control me.

Wait until my husband’s home

He will throw you out”


“You’re not home Miss Smith,

you are in the hospital.

You have no husband.”


“But… I am married

We’ve been together for years

I remember it.”


“Und how’s ze patient?”

“She thinks she’s married, Doctor.”

“Hmm. Tranquillize her.”


Jab of a needle

Between awake and asleep

Her husband walks in