Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: January, 2014

All Grown Up

You’re fifteen
Fresh-faced and innocent
Only a child
Yet you wear three-inch heels
And a belt moonlighting as a skirt
Acting the madam
A thin veneer of confidence
Over turbulent adolescent angst
Not to conceal
But to alert
“Here I am!” your actions shout
“I’m an adult! All grown up!
Come on world! I’m ready for you!”
Many hear her call
Boys on the cusp of manhood
Lanky, with down on his face
If she’s lucky
For there are others who lurk in the night
Those of more menacing disposition
Who prey on those who don’t know better
“I’m all grown up!”she shouts
As the world crowds in
“I can take care of myself!”


It surrounds us
Invades us
Penetrating our noses
Our eyes
Making them wrinkle and run
A miasa
A pestilence in the air
Emanating from the pits of existence
Forcing one inside
Away from the light of day
Where death truely lies

Haikus 24/01/14

I’m walking quickly
To savour the delicious
Chicken wings at home

Look at the blue can
Wonder what’s really inside
Ponder ‘Spam’ with me

There are wise men who
Say that hunger’s the best sauce
Lies! It’s barbeque!

My Lady

Lady of my heart
Sweet mistress of my soul
I am devoted  to you
Slaved to your commands
To serve in word and deed
What ‘er your heart desires
I must go to you
Be with you
To spend a second with you, bliss
A lifetime, pure Heaven
I am your servant, my Lady
What is your wish?

Haikus 21/01/14

Hard to turn my head
Each movement stabs of agony
A pain in my neck

Come cross the jobs bridge
Way to gainful employment
Beware of cheap trolls

Through cold winter’s nights
Think of Southern Summer sun
My next stop, Chile

I want

There are mornings
I want to hug you
Wrap you in my arm
Keep you warm from the cold

There are days
I want to walk with you
Hand in hand
Sharing our lives

There are nights
I want to kiss you
Let the passion flow through me
As we allow our love to ignite

There are times I know
That I want only you
To have, to hold, to kiss
Together, forever, my love

Haikus 10/01/14

Little ears prick up
At a familiar shadow
Doggie’s master’s home

Straight politician
Will not take money from crooks
Since the good pay more

Limericks 10/01/14

The world is and interesting place
On account of some of our race
You know the sort
They drop pants in court
And laugh when the cops give chase

I’ve become rather partial to cheese
I eat it whenever I please
But I must confess
I make such a mess
As the damn stuff is making me sneeze!

Across The World

Across the world you lie
Beyond my sight
Beyond my touch
Never beyond my thoughts

Across the world you call
Beyond where I can listen
Yet still I hear you loud and clear
From my heart that’s yours

Across the world you wait
Beyond where I can go
But I will cross the world my love
To hold you in my arms

Haikus 03/01/14

A wind is blowing
Cold enough to turn man’s blood
To ice-cold water

Hiding from the cold
I shuffle through darkened streets
Seeking hearth and home

Oven blasts blue fire
I watch as red turns to brown
Awaiting dinner