Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: March, 2014

Rainy Day

Drip! Drip! Drip!
The drip of rain on glass
Falling from steel-grey skies
Cold and unfeeling
Caring not a jot for the lives of men

Crackle, Crackle
The sound of wood on fire
Each sharp report followed by starburst of orange sparks
Sailing through the air
In their fleeting mayfly existence

Rustle, Rustle
You shift the blanket beside me
Look me in the eye as we listen
To the drip of the rain outside
And the crackle of the fire in front of us

There is nowhere I would rather be

Limerick 26/03/14

A swan walked down long the street
Looking for a quick bite to eat
Said he “you tell me ‘move fast’
But my body’s so vast
I’ve barely enough room for my feet!”

The government constantly tries
To fool all of us with their lies
And when they get caught
Saying what they should naught
They shout all about their surprise

Haikus 27/03/14

Graceful on water
Ungainly when on the ground
Swan blocks the traffic

Wanna use pictures
You’re gonna need permission
Gonna be tricky

A brand new suit case
Tells less about it’s owner
Than a battered one

I see you

On wet cloudy day
I wait in cold anticipation
Miserable in myself
Closed against the world
Untill I feel a tap on my shoulder
I turn and….
There you are
I look, and I see you
It’s like seeing the sun for the first time
Your smile, brighter than sky
Lightens up my day
Your smile, warm as summer
Thaws my cold reserve
Your voice, sugar sweet
Lifts my soul back up
I see you
And I know again why I love you

To Take the Edge Off

I don’t often reblog but this is an excellent piece by a truely talented writer

Anne Schilde

Click the pic for the original challenge. Written for Ermilia’s Picture It & Write

Clickety-clack. Clickety-clack. She’s so infuriating. Clickety-clack. Through the day and into the night. Clickety-clack. Clickety-clack. Clickety-clickety-clack-clack-clack.

I’m not crazy. I don’t know why they stuck me in here with her, brain-dead Mary the vegetable and her incessant clicking and clacking. Each sharp tap of her fingernails is like needles in my skull, stabbing and stabbing at my

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I love you

I love you more every time
I love you so I write this rhyme
I love you each and every day
I love you more than words can say
I love you from when I awake
I love you more than I can take
I love you with all of my heart
I love you from the very start
I love you because you’re the best
I love you better than the rest
I love you when you make me smile
I love you greater than a mile
I love you simple plain and true
I love you just because you’re you

Your Eyes

Show me your eyes
Let me look at them
Study them
See through them
To the inner you
The true you
The you I admire
The you far better than me
The you who makes me better with her presence
Show me your eyes and let me see
The light that shines from your soul
The reason I thank heaven everyday that I know you
And why, above all else, that I love you

Haikus 19/03/14

Listen to the beat
Feel the music take control
Now dance! Baby! Dance!

There’s a blue-grey sky
Telling of summer sun soon
I’m home early too

BOOM! Alarm “Get out!”
Calorimetry gone wrong
Science is risky

Haikus 11/03/14

Harsh words are spoken
Voices raised, opinions thrown
Conference calling

The Sun’s in the sky
But the air is still freezing
Winter’s not over

Line of ghostly green
Hugging by the busy street
The children’s sports day

I’d rather cuddle

We could make love
Reach the heights of pleasure
Melt in each other’s bodies
Send our senses to the screaming limits of passion
But I would rather cuddle
Arm in arm
Basking in the warmth of each other
Hand caressing arm
Words softly spoken
Random wayward kisses
The peace of sleep almost come
Exactly where I want to be
Not in the carnal passion of a quick tryst
But the tender embrace
The sweetest moment
From wence love’s bond flowers