An Ode To Zombiestrippers

by joetwo

“They’re zombiestrippers”

I kid you not, this line’s used in a scene

This film is simply stranger still

Than any it may seem


The “Plot” if I may use that word

Is simplicity itself

Made with all the characters

They could find on the shelf


Ex-Porn Star Jenna Jameson

Is the star of the hour

First infected by the zombies

When things turn extra sour


The other famous face I see

Is Robert Englund

Who falls afoul of zombies fair

And left me super-stunned


This film includes I may add

Breasts flying about

And stereotypical army types

Who always shoot and shout


There girl and girl fights

Undead heads, more blood than most these rippers

You could do worse than renting out

These crazy Zombiestrippers