Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: May, 2014


I want you
I need you
So great is my craving
That I must have you
That I must feel you
Lips on lips
Skin on skin
I must touch you
Taste you
Breathe in your body’s scent
Bodies entwined
Hearts as one
So great is my craving
That I can’t deny it
I must love you
For now
For always

Limericks 29/05/14

One June day I thought it’d be fun
To lie for a day in the sun
But I found out instead
I ended up red
Like a hot-dog ripe for a bun

When in a philosophy class
In hope that my boredom would pass
I soon lost my rag
With their self obsessed brag
Shouting “You don’t know your head from your ass!”

Picture it & Write Paperback Available on Amazon

For those interested in the paperback (Lauren I’m looking at you)


piwebookcover copyAfter much toil, the paperback is officially available for purchase on Amazon! Thank you so much to the contributors and others who donated time and work for this publication. It is truly an honor to work with you to support The Girl Effect, a movement “leveraging the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves, their families, their communities, their countries and the world.”

Reminder for Contributors

  • The paperback has a Table of Contents so you can flip right to your contribution! Note that the eBook does not, so when previewing please keep that in mind. Not sure which version they will use for the inside preview.
  • If you like how it turned out, be sure to give it 5 stars on Goodreads!
  • If you have a Goodreads account and want to be added as an author, leave a comment with a link to your Goodreads…

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Haikus 27/05/14

A pigeon lies there
Dead, bereft of life, throat slit
Cat missed it’s dinner

I’m walking to work
Through sunny and joyous streets
Now don’t want to work

New parties in power
They all made crazy promises
Lots of work to do

Haikus 26/05/14

Middle of summer
The rain is bucketing down
Welcome to Ireland

In a darkened room
Staring at an empty screen
The joys of science

Labour is finished
And Fine Gael is very scared
A brand new order


Here I sit
Bored, with nothing to do
While above me
A thousand tons of water holds aloft as droplet vapour
Above it,the world is bathed by the heat of nuclear fires millions of miles away
And by night we are kept warm by the burning of life long since dead
Every moment there is a death, new life
Memories made and the wold changed anew
Miniture empires rise and fall in drops of water
And electronic brains make decisions that effect the lives of millions
Even in my own body
Bone, muscle, and sinew
Holding a vessel of a scant few trillion neurons
Firing and connecting in unprecedented complexity
So I can feel bored
Miracles surround us
Even the ordinary is spectacular
How can I be bored amidst such wonders

Haikus 22/05/14

Lovely summer sun
Can make it quite difficult
To stay in office

Test and test again
Theory and experiment
Quite scientific

The sun is shining
Not a soul in the office
The boss is away

Drunken Writers

Oh what words we weave through drink-sodden eyes
Placing them in whatever pattern makes sense
Deciding on a whim to change everything, kill a character
Always popular
But by then consideration of others is long-gone
And while the perception is of philosophical brilliance
That is far from the wavey reality.
Incoherant ramblings made print
Mysterious? Yes!
But deep as a puddle
The drunken writer
Long may we confuse those who dare read

My Rose

Lets face it girl you are my flower
Cos over me you have a power
My heart demands you every day
To have you every single way
Your soul is pure your heart so clean
You’re angelic like a dream
You’re so perfect only god knows
Why you’re with me, my perfect rose

The Secret Garden

Within the secret garden
Are living walls
Festooned with twice a thousand flowers
Of white, and blue and pink

Within the secret garden
Noise is barren
Save for the wind in the leaves
And the sweet call of birds

Within the secret garden
There is only peace
Save from the bustle of the world
True lovers can embrace