A Fair Wind

by joetwo

As your new life awaits
And you’re set to grasp it fully
I wish only to give you a fair wind
And a constant star to steer by
You have wished for it
Craved for it for so long
That I cannot help but provide it
That I must feel my heart lift just thinking of your joy
Your course is not yet set
But it may never come this way again
But know
Though I may never see you again
My last view of you
Leaving with full sail and heart
Bursting with contentment and purpose
How can I be sad?
Staying here was slow death
Leaving makes you free
Bringing joy and beauty to the world
A world that needs it now more than ever
So I give you a fair wind
And a star to steer by
Gladly and without reservation
Just use them well my friend
Let them bring you joy