Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Haikus 26/05/14

Middle of summer
The rain is bucketing down
Welcome to Ireland

In a darkened room
Staring at an empty screen
The joys of science

Labour is finished
And Fine Gael is very scared
A brand new order


Here I sit
Bored, with nothing to do
While above me
A thousand tons of water holds aloft as droplet vapour
Above it,the world is bathed by the heat of nuclear fires millions of miles away
And by night we are kept warm by the burning of life long since dead
Every moment there is a death, new life
Memories made and the wold changed anew
Miniture empires rise and fall in drops of water
And electronic brains make decisions that effect the lives of millions
Even in my own body
Bone, muscle, and sinew
Holding a vessel of a scant few trillion neurons
Firing and connecting in unprecedented complexity
So I can feel bored
Miracles surround us
Even the ordinary is spectacular
How can I be bored amidst such wonders