Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: June, 2014

Haikus 30/06/14

The tram line rumbles
Baring eager commuters
All on their way home

Making many plans
So many ideas to try
Maybe take a chance

War, hunger, disease
The world can be very scary
But now the sun shines

Haikus 19/06/14

Fancy finger foods
Feeding famished grad students
Fine philanthropy

Looking for business?
The call of the street-walker
Out plying her trade

I love summer nights
Days that go on for even
Please stay for ever

Prayers in Absence

For those who pray and judge
Those who cry devotion and live in luxury
Those who step from chapel to mansion
Unheeding the man huddled in the alleyway
Remember this
That words alone mean nothing
That the carpenter called for words and works
For deeds as well as devotions
Without one the other is shallow
Devoid of all meaning
Empty words and acts
Senseless and pointless
Since how can you tell a follower
By what he says?
Or what he does?

Haikus 17/06/14

Many Dubliners
Walk in Leopold’s footsteps
A happy Bloomsday

It’s too hot to work
With no airconditioning
Let’s just go outside

Blue skies in Dublin
Where only greys once held sway
Makes a welcome change

The Road Seen

The road is not always how it is seen

Paved with good intentions

Direct to righteousness

With utopia right over the horizon


The road rarely is smooth

It rarely follows the maps

Every step requires you to be sure of your direction

Lest you lose your way


And that is the treachery of the road

Off the true path lie an infinity of others

Practically identical

But leading to oblivion


It may be wise to rest a while

But the road seen calls

Calls you to progress

To fall into its traps


And fall they do

Countless multitudes across the centuries

Their way lost, betrayed by direction

And unable to warn those behind them

Haikus 13/06/14

Gripped strongly by fear

Unable to leave the house

Friday the thirteenth


Old students are gone

New ones come to replace them

Fresh incompetence


Music and stories

Played and told by the old hands

Good for anĀ evening

Haikus 10/06/14

Your own anecdotes
Fairytales and ancient myths
All for the telling

All faces are new
With no one familiar
Maybe use old stuff

The good old masters
Keep the punters on knife-edge
With their woven words

Haikus 05/06/14

Rat by the canal
Walking like it’s not afraid
Very troubling

Half remembered lines
Dodgey sets, very strange plots
Student dramatics

A new book to flog
Copies free to all comers
Demand quickly spikes