Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: July, 2014

Limericks 30/07/14

A bee was buzzing away
For most of the hours of the day
Said he “I’m sure you’ll agree
Being idle is free
But soon with your hunger you’ll pay”

A man was killed with a knife
And suspicions pointed to his wife
She paid a large fee
Her lawyer got her free
Now she’s off living the good life


Haikus 16/07/14

I need a new home
Offers, rejections, lost hope
Enough to lose mind

Ultrasonic squeaks
Of winged rodents in the air
Bats are out hunting

Referencing papers
Years of work into sub-script
Felonious work

Haikus 03/07/14

The grey sea gurgles
Heaving with slight summer waves
As the train goes by

Poorly chosen words
Picked by non-native speakers
Culled by harsh red ink

A new home is sought
Many places are looked at
Most are found wanting