by joetwo

I like to think I’m objective
Fully rational
But I know I’m not
I see the world through the blinkers of my life
My history
Through what I know
Or think I know
Beliefs and wishes
Buttressed by those around me
Colour all that I see
And how I think about it afterwards
Memories awash with half-truths and fictions
Yet I find myself defending my little world
Each bias a sacred totem
Every fiction an essential crutch
I am prepared to defend them with words
And in extremis fists
But they are not truth
Possibly a faint glimmer of it
Simple tidbits swinging into view
That make’s me cling to it all the more
And if you think that I am alone in this
That you hold absolute truth and crystal vision
Look into yourself
Past the eyes, past the retina
Deep into your soul
There you will find
You own biases
Staring right back at you