by joetwo

Who are we?
Mere huddled masses
Bereft of power
Unseen by law
And the cruel march of nations
Except as fodder
For their own self-centred needs
Anonymous save for a number
Simply for administrative purposes

Consent, democratic traditions
Passed over by the bogeymen
Of legal force and the ‘Greater Good’
What that means never quite clear
A hard deal for many
Bonanzas for a few
All in the name of ‘fairness’
Not sure of that one either

But power often forgets
That its strength comes from acceptance
Either freely given or coerced
It is still essential
Without it power fails, law becomes useless

There may be sacrifices down this route
Deprivations and incarcerations
Possibly blood and tears
But with enough voices
Calling the name of the reviled captain
Victory can be ours