Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: January, 2015


He could’ve had a father
The guy was a descent sort
Would have been kind
But sometimes romance does not kick off
And his old man had walked out the door
Long before he first kicked in the womb

He could’ve been a rocket scientist
He was bright, all the teachers could see it
His mind burned bright behind the eyes
But school was for idiots
You can make a fortune sitting on a street
With a swig of the bottle to take away the cold

He could’ve been a daddy
It would have turned his life around
To see a part of himself looking back at him
But the bottle’s siren song
Was stronger than the pull of the heart
And love’s promise died on the vine

He could’ve lived
He could have thrived
He could have made his mark in the world
But the poison had rotted his mind
Making him numb to cold’s harsh dagger
In a doorway the world would not see

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Haikus 13/01/15

The new year’s first post
Sets the tone for the next year
Better be careful

Rental markets mad
Apartments cost far too much
Poor getting squeezed out

Down in temple bar
A pint is seven euro
Where’s that recession