Poetry from a Dublin Scientist


You are mine my love
I called dibbs
Set my claim
Paramount and in perpetuity
All rights reserved
Public and private

I’ve called dibbs
On your smile
On your laugh
On the mischief in your eyes
On the whispers on your lips
On the song within your heart

I’ve called dibbs
On being there for you
Every day without fail
On being your rock, your cushion
Your bulwark against the world

I’ve called dibbs
On the good
And the bad
The laughter and the tears
The fights and the making ups

I’ve called dibbs
For all my days
Whatever there maybe
Because my love, I know full well
You’ve called dibbs on me


Haikus 13/08/15

The Rose of Tralee
Aren’t they all lovely girls
Crass misogyny

Coming late for work
But working late iate into the night
Will only go so far

The mad adventures
Of Ross O’Carroll Kelly
Addictive reading