Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: July, 2017

Haikus 250717

Learning Espa├▒ol

Working, on speaking, writing

Not very easy


Over whole weekend

Did absolutely nothing

We just ate pizza


Back on the internet

I got a new  computer

Hope this isn’t robbed

Haikus 09/07/17

See my darling wife

Covered to her face in sheets

Her natural state


Snow in the mountains

Better than it raining there

Cuts in water suck


Five hour difference

Between my old home and new

Makes chat difficult


You, my love have no compare

Your beauty’s more than I can bare

Your smile a light across the world

Your scent as like a rose unfurled

Your eyes a font that fills my soul

Your lips, sweet kiss, my only goal

You, my love now own my life

For you, sweet love, are now my wife.