Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: August, 2017

Haikus 24/08/17

Interviewed today

By young college film students

On immigrant life


Writing in Spanish

Can never find the right word

Need dictionary


My brand new CV

Written in my new language

Wife says it’s nonsense

Haikus 21/08/17

Lying on the couch

I suddenly feel shaking

Not quite an earthquake


Aquarium lights

Newly purchased L.E.Ds

Looks like a disco


Science fiction vlog

All very interesting



A polymath am I, with wondrous mind powers,

The names of all the flowers, Euclid’s geometry,

A feel my brain to brim with facts miscellaneous

Surmises extemporaneous, the best philosophy

And to end chemistry.


I practice languages from French to ancient latin

Recite the songs of Chopin, and Chinese History

I plumb the darkest depths of physics hard equations

Behavior of crustaceans, Roman mythology

And for fun poetry


Four years

Recently I awoke,

As I always do,

You beside me

Wrapped in sheets,

Your natural state,

Enjoying the silence,

No words spoken,

Only a hug, a soft kiss,

Nothing else needed

To celebrate the passing

Four years together

With you, the love of my life.

Haikus 15/08/17

Photo exhibit

Images from the whole world

Makes us all look small


Fish tank without light

Plants seem to be surviving

Maybe not needed


Job applications

Are just lying through your teeth

Better than the rest