Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: September, 2017

Haikus 300917

It’s raining outside

I would be drenched to the skin

Best to stay inside


New plants in fish tank

Hopefully these will survive

Aquascaping woes


Correcting English

In the head guys manuscript

Hope he won’t get mad

Love’s flame

Deep within me,

Within the heart of my being,

There burns a flame,

Powerful yet contained

Hot but not burning

It lights up my soul

Driving away the darkness which lay there before

Filling it with joy

A happiness stronger than ever before

It’s  brought by the simplest things

The smile you give me in the morning

The soft kisses beneath the sheets

The caress of your hand

All of which feeds the flame

The flame of my love for you


Haikus 100917

Independence day

Celebrated Chilean Style

The dieciocho


More Jobs applied for

Here´s hoping this time´s the charm

But no guarantees


More Spanish Lessons

Will be starting very soon

Hope I learn something


It´s spring possibly

The buds on the trees say yes

But the cold winds no