Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: June, 2018

For you

You saved the letters I wrote

The rough prose and youthful hand an unfamiliar receptacle for familiar feelings

I found them in your dresser drawer

The one place truly yours in a life totally shared

I had never opened it

Not in all the years since we moved in together

Not through the highs and the lows of decades together

Not even those final hard years of sickness

I thought about keeping them

A memory of how I felt

The love that makes what I have to do the hardest thing I ever did

But I don’t need to

My love for you is the only thing still bright as the rest of me fades

I instead have decided to place them with you

In the casket

As you take your final rest

For those letters

Like my heart

Are for now and forever

For you



Haikus 240618

I lit the candles

An offering to the gods

To help whom I love


Seven Months ago

I was melting in summer

What difference it is


Filters for my tank

Clogged with green strands of algae

Clearing it won’t last

Haikus 200618

Rain came here last week

It cleaned the air up nicely

The snow was so close


My three year old niece

She is repeating my words

Have to watch my tongue