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For sale

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My new book ‘The Like Button
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New advice column With Doctor Joe

Hi all! I have just started an “Advice” column with our resident “Agony Uncle” Doctor Joe. It is all in the name of fun and a bit of a laugh. I am inviting you, all of my readers to submit questions here to the good doctor so that he can answer them in his own “interesting manner”. I look forward to your questions!


The Like Button

Good news everyone! Over two months ago, I announced that I was going to make an anthology of poems and stories from both my blogs that would be selected by you, the readers. Well; the submissions were taken, the editing done with gusto, and finally I can announce that my new book (drum roll please) “The like button” is now ready for purchase on Lulu either as a paper back here, or as an e-book. I am hoping to roll out the paperback on Amazon at the nearest opportunity so watch this space but for the time being; you will be able to get it alongside my other poetry collection 21 days which, considering that valentines days is coming, will also make an excellent gift.

The like button

There is something in these books for everyone and I strongly suggest that you give them a look.


500 (Something special)

Half a thousand poems

Five hundred posts there to read

Will take a long time


Well there you have it dear readers, 500 posts on joe2poetry, my primary Blog. Yippee! 🙂

On an occasion such as this I feel I should be doing something special. So here’s my idea. I want to publish, via the lovely, a collection of my poems and stories from both this blog and from my other blog Joe2stories.

The working title that I am going with for the moment is “The selected Joetwo”. Catchy huh?! The thing is though I am not going to be the one doing the selecting, you are!  What I am thinking is, you my dear readers will go through the back catalogue, find the poems and stories that you like best and e-mail me at with your selection, including a few words probably maximum of  two lines as to why you like it. I will use these words as an introduction to each piece in the book. I am declaring no limits to how many poems or stories you can select, though if there are loads (here’s hoping) I may have to cull it a little. I am also setting a deadline for your selections of Saturday next week (1st December) giving you a week and a half (plenty of time!).

But do you think that I am asking you to do this for free? That you would do this arduous task simply out of the goodness of your hearts? Of course not. Each person who sends in a selection will receive a complimentary PDF ( or e-book version,  if I can figure out how that works ) of the final book when it’s ready and four of you, selected by lottery, will receive a FREE hard copy of the book AND a copy of my first collection of poetry “21 days”  (The perfect gift for a significant other by the way).

Available in all good bookshops (and some bad ones)

That’s awfully generous of me, isn’t it? So I ask you to be equally generous and send me lots of your selections to so I can make this a book everyone can enjoy.

So get cracking, get reading, and get selecting. I know you can do it!


P.S. So that I don’t end up confusing it as spam, please use “The selected Joetwo” as the subject in your e-mail. Thanks!

Available in all good bookshops

Hello everybody! Following the lead of some of the other bloggers I know here I have published a short collection of romantic poems. The collection is called “21 days” and it may be purchased from here

None of the poems in the collection have previously been placed on this blog so here is a preview

I seek you everywhere I go

What drives me there I cannot know

I seek around, below, above

I seek ’cause you’re the one I love

 I hope you will consider giving it a look.