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Drunken Writers

Oh what words we weave through drink-sodden eyes
Placing them in whatever pattern makes sense
Deciding on a whim to change everything, kill a character
Always popular
But by then consideration of others is long-gone
And while the perception is of philosophical brilliance
That is far from the wavey reality.
Incoherant ramblings made print
Mysterious? Yes!
But deep as a puddle
The drunken writer
Long may we confuse those who dare read


Weekend Worker

Each and every Saturday

When all his friends have gone to play

Through rain or hail or sunny day

The weekend worker slaves away


Whether working at a store

Or for a boss just wanting more

He knows it’s wrong right at his core

But weekend worker knows the score


Maybe he’s in it for the cash

And though that means his life’s a hash

Don’t so quickly move to bash

You see it keeps him looking flash


More likely he is forced you see

By the needs of family

Things are getting so more pricey

He works to keep them going nicely


So as you take your weekend break

Spare a thought, no fun to make

Their the base of our world’s cake

They’re working hard not one bit fake

Tear it down

Go ahead
Tear it down
The pillar of a nation
The counterweight of power
There to balance the good of all
True; it may have lost it’s way
Victim of the malaise endemic to us all
But remember
Greatness once dwelt there
Words that lifted a people eminated from those halls
But go ahead
Tear it down
In the name of savings
Restitution for corrupt bankers
A single sandbag in the torrent
Or maybe
In the name of the people
In the name of Ireland
In the name of Yeats, FitzGerald, and Higgins
Save it
Nuture it
And make it great again

Father’s Day

My epitome of man
The basis for my life
Who I have sometimes worshiped
And often emulated
Master of the sofa
Ruler of the remote control
Speaker of much shite
But as good-natured as they come
Always there for a kick about
Or a shared laugh
On this father’s day
Here’s to you!

A Star is Fading

The news hits like a tonne of bricks

Absolute, no negotiation or reprieve

Soon you will be gone

Your talent cast to the four winds

No more will new words spring forth

Your work petrified in memoriam

The star of your life is fading

Soon to be expunged

Life left only in memory

No more discussion with fans

No more tweeking ideas

Seeing where the next flurry of words will take you

Your Star is fading

Out of the lime-light you have only your life to lead

Live it as well as you can

As long as you can

Though your star is fading

Let it light the way that little bit longer.


Dedicated to Iain Banks, one of my favourite writers.

Some good reading

Every now and then you need

Something really good to read

Now I have here for you

Some books that are worth a view


First of all from Scriptorwrites

Solemn lows and tragic heights

In Home, a most engaging book

Click on the link to have a look


Also from her and through this portal

In memory we are immortal

A wonderfully well written set

‘Bout something we should not forget


I recommend my good friend Polly

Avoiding her would be a folly

Her Girl’s Got Rhythm‘s very good

I bought a copy, so you should


And Polly also had a hand

In a project rather grand

A Flash of Fiction brought to fore

Writers never seen before


All these books I bought myself

I take them often from the shelf

Never contemplated for removal

They all have my seal of approval

Seal of approval

Out Numbered

You think you rule this patch of earth

You have for far too long

But let me tell you too your face

Put simply you are wrong

You have to get it through your head

That you can never win

And you shall soon have to pay

For your lifetime of sin

See you forget the simple truth

That you don’t understand

There are so much more of us

We’ll get the upper hand

We have more men, more power, more cash

You’re beat in each direction

And you will rot your life in jail

Sorry in long reflection

So enjoy your time at the ‘top’

For soon enough it ends

When we in fury all rise up

And you must make amends


Dedicated to Detective Garda Adrian O’Donohoe. Never again.

Another Thank You

It’s once again that time of year

To make it absolutely clear

That you can find if you just look

Blogs that have that special hook

With good writing or special flair

No prizes for just being there

So with that thought I’ve made a list

Of blogs you won’t want to have missed

To each I will include a link

So you can tell them what you think

If asked please tell them Joe sent you

For I quite like brownie points too


Well first of all, is up in lights

East coast sensation Scriptorwrites

No list of talent can be filed

Without including Anne Schilde

To say so much yet be so brief

It helps Writing the roads of grief

A smart one and a total playa!

A scientist’s salute to you Thea

Two from Worcester by golly

Mrs Robinson and Holly

The misfit shows this and that

Mark Redford writes about the Bat

Gemini’s a thing for kink

The naughty poet makes you think

Last but totally not least

Ermilia is a writer’s feast


These blogs I totally commend

To read them all I recommend

But when you’re done come back to me

Keep up with Joe2poetry!


Why do I comment?

Why must I relent

To leave small gifts of phrase

So I can let your spirit raise

So I can add my two cents

And often throw out common sense

So why I comment as I would

Probably more than I should

Is because the work is good

The quality of work is clear

And getting better by the year

So for this reason I consent

To the occasional comment


As a thank you to the lovely Thea Beckmen who has included me, yet again, in her Crème de la Comments list. Many thanks!

To Anne

A woman of no small renown

Who proudly wears the author’s crown

Who tames the wordy beasts so wild

The incomparable Anne Schilde


 She grips the reader in her power

With her able minion Flower

Writing all about her dreams

An infinite resource it seems


Annie shows that magic skill

That makes you keep reading until

Every single word is through

A sign of how she gets to you


So go through each one of her posts

The world of Kate which she hosts

The many tales of Annie’s World

And see a unique life unfurled


Now give this woman’s blog a glance

And you will no doubt get the chance

To see a talent with no end

Here’s to you Anne Schilde, my friend


Dedicated to Anne Schilde who keeps on saying nice things about me. So I thought I’d do the same. In a very public manner.