Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Category: Existential


Suddenly, life changes

Without warning what was once ironclad can become shattered


Cast away from all that is known

Cast to the very edge of life

The edge of sanity

All for the sake of a few seconds

For a brief moment of indecision

Of lapsing judgement

Leading to a lifetime of regret

A lifetime of repercussions

No life at all

Suddenly is all it takes

For a life years in the making

A life lived

Taken for granted

To be gone


I like to think I’m objective
Fully rational
But I know I’m not
I see the world through the blinkers of my life
My history
Through what I know
Or think I know
Beliefs and wishes
Buttressed by those around me
Colour all that I see
And how I think about it afterwards
Memories awash with half-truths and fictions
Yet I find myself defending my little world
Each bias a sacred totem
Every fiction an essential crutch
I am prepared to defend them with words
And in extremis fists
But they are not truth
Possibly a faint glimmer of it
Simple tidbits swinging into view
That make’s me cling to it all the more
And if you think that I am alone in this
That you hold absolute truth and crystal vision
Look into yourself
Past the eyes, past the retina
Deep into your soul
There you will find
You own biases
Staring right back at you

The Road Seen

The road is not always how it is seen

Paved with good intentions

Direct to righteousness

With utopia right over the horizon


The road rarely is smooth

It rarely follows the maps

Every step requires you to be sure of your direction

Lest you lose your way


And that is the treachery of the road

Off the true path lie an infinity of others

Practically identical

But leading to oblivion


It may be wise to rest a while

But the road seen calls

Calls you to progress

To fall into its traps


And fall they do

Countless multitudes across the centuries

Their way lost, betrayed by direction

And unable to warn those behind them


Here I sit
Bored, with nothing to do
While above me
A thousand tons of water holds aloft as droplet vapour
Above it,the world is bathed by the heat of nuclear fires millions of miles away
And by night we are kept warm by the burning of life long since dead
Every moment there is a death, new life
Memories made and the wold changed anew
Miniture empires rise and fall in drops of water
And electronic brains make decisions that effect the lives of millions
Even in my own body
Bone, muscle, and sinew
Holding a vessel of a scant few trillion neurons
Firing and connecting in unprecedented complexity
So I can feel bored
Miracles surround us
Even the ordinary is spectacular
How can I be bored amidst such wonders

A Fair Wind

As your new life awaits
And you’re set to grasp it fully
I wish only to give you a fair wind
And a constant star to steer by
You have wished for it
Craved for it for so long
That I cannot help but provide it
That I must feel my heart lift just thinking of your joy
Your course is not yet set
But it may never come this way again
But know
Though I may never see you again
My last view of you
Leaving with full sail and heart
Bursting with contentment and purpose
How can I be sad?
Staying here was slow death
Leaving makes you free
Bringing joy and beauty to the world
A world that needs it now more than ever
So I give you a fair wind
And a star to steer by
Gladly and without reservation
Just use them well my friend
Let them bring you joy

Picture it and Write: Masks

Hi there. This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write for Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway Enjoy.


From the beginning of the day
To the end of night
From spring to summer
In youth and in old age
All life, all times
I wear my masks

There are many
One for every occasion
Custom built
One of a kind
Specially for those
From whom things must be hidden

There are masks of smiles
Masks of frowns
Masks of intentions
Masks of words
Masks even of compassionate caring
Masks in the guise of love

In my life I have gathered my masks
I think they protect me
Believe they keep me safe
When reality
The crippling truth
Is hidden behind a mask of it’s own


The Gaps

You dwell in the gaps
The hidden places
Either unknown
Or unknowable
Adding mystery
A touch of magic
To a world often grey
Over the years
With march of time and progress
Many gaps have filled
Are now open to the light
Yet some remain
And there you are still
In the gaps
Begging the question
Are the gaps mysterious because you’re there?
Or are you there because of the mystery of the gaps?

Do I need a reason

So I need a reason
To capture such beauty?
To record it beyond the confines of memory
As a treasured reminder
For when times are grim and dull
That there is beauty in the world
If you only know where to look










Amid the green of the veg-patch
Sunflowers stand guard
Their golden faces following the sun




Working bees
Constantly collecting for the good of the hive
Taking the odd nip of honey for themselves