Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Category: Romantic


You, Are the reason I wake in the morning

You, are the sweet dreams that fill my nights

You, are the smile forever on my lips

You, are the stars within my eyes

You, are my heart, my breath, my soul

You, are my life

You, are my love

You, are with me

Your Eyes

They are there

Upon me when I first see you

Green with just the faintest hint of brown

Sparkling in the lights of the city,

Like the finest diamonds

I am drawn to them,

As if they’re all there is I want to know

I get close, they get wider

I see myself looking back

Deep from within your eyes


For you

You saved the letters I wrote

The rough prose and youthful hand an unfamiliar receptacle for familiar feelings

I found them in your dresser drawer

The one place truly yours in a life totally shared

I had never opened it

Not in all the years since we moved in together

Not through the highs and the lows of decades together

Not even those final hard years of sickness

I thought about keeping them

A memory of how I felt

The love that makes what I have to do the hardest thing I ever did

But I don’t need to

My love for you is the only thing still bright as the rest of me fades

I instead have decided to place them with you

In the casket

As you take your final rest

For those letters

Like my heart

Are for now and forever

For you


Love’s flame

Deep within me,

Within the heart of my being,

There burns a flame,

Powerful yet contained

Hot but not burning

It lights up my soul

Driving away the darkness which lay there before

Filling it with joy

A happiness stronger than ever before

It’s  brought by the simplest things

The smile you give me in the morning

The soft kisses beneath the sheets

The caress of your hand

All of which feeds the flame

The flame of my love for you

Four years

Recently I awoke,

As I always do,

You beside me

Wrapped in sheets,

Your natural state,

Enjoying the silence,

No words spoken,

Only a hug, a soft kiss,

Nothing else needed

To celebrate the passing

Four years together

With you, the love of my life.


You, my love have no compare

Your beauty’s more than I can bare

Your smile a light across the world

Your scent as like a rose unfurled

Your eyes a font that fills my soul

Your lips, sweet kiss, my only goal

You, my love now own my life

For you, sweet love, are now my wife.



Forever Young

Months have passed

Years, decades

But to me

To my eyes

You look the same

The doe-eyed girl that I knew

That very first time



Forever young

Forever in my heart

The Heat of Your Heart

I am cold

Shivering in the cool air of the night

Seeking whatever warmth I can find

So I reach out

Reach out to you

And I am finally warm

Keeping myself close to you

And basking in

The heat of your heart

Stars and Rainbows

You are my inspiration

A source of magic in my life

When you are around me

When thoughts of you dominate my day

The world is switched to technicolor

My days are filled with rainbows

And my nights populated with iridescent stars

The world is filled with beauty

And I am happy

Because I am with you


Weeks pass to day pass to hours
I wait, wait with baited breath
Wait for she who lights my life
She who completes me
Makes my soul sing
Makes me happy
Makes me better
I have waited a long time
But she will be in my arms again