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Something cooking

Wrong blog, again!


Walking through town
Past rows of houses
Filled with families, homely scenes
And in the air
Tempting me as I pass
The smell of cooking in the air
A smokey, delicious aroma  the air
Cooking meat, fresh steak sizzling
Filling my nostrils
Causing salivation
And a little faster step
Hunger assisted
A little extra umph to get home

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The Danger

Danger stalks the land
Baring ill towards all
Coming in innocuous dress
Like the plaid trousers of the golfer
That is the strangest part
Danger can seem so innocent
Foolishly so, as if only a fool can be hurt
But it is never that simple
And life makes fools of us all
Danger stalks the land
Seldom does it miss its prey

Billy the fiend

Billy the fiend

Or so it seemed

Was caught by the cops red-handed

But his lawyer was good

And arranged that he would

Escape without getting branded

A cog in the machine

Delay after delay after delay

Not sure if progress will happen

Or can happen

Instead I spend my days in meetings

Making progress reports

To explain my lack of progress

Citing supply problems, bureaucratic fuck-ups

The sheer impossibility of the job

Yet they do not listen

To them I am a cog, a wheel in the machine

Easily lubricated with money

And occasional shouting

Yet how can they expect the best

The full potential

For a caged bird cannot fly

And I am in a cage

A cage of paperwork and deadlines

How can I soar, how can we reach new heights,

When we are weighted down so?

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Wish me luck
My fate is not my own
It may as well be the gods deciding
For all I know of their plans
Their schemes for me
Wish me luck
Preparations complete
As well as they can be
All done that can
All that is left is to trust in planning
Getting the future right
Correct divining of the circumstances
Wish me luck
I am at a crossroads
What happens next deciding on this moment
How I perform
Future in my hands
But fate with the gods
Wish me luck

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I have a voice

In case any of you don’t follow my Story Blog I have recorded a couple of tracks of myself reading some of my poetry and stories and have uploaded it to soundcloud here

Check it out if you are interested

Haikus 01/09/12

Wee dog keeps barking
Trying to scare lawn mower
Not having much luck
Sun beating down strong
Real good for spanish students
Feels much more like home
Looking for a job
MacDonald’s or Burger King
It’s good to have choice

The Thief

I looked with glee one day to lunch

To some delightful treats to munch

A chocolate biscuit creamy cake

Which took my near three hours to bake

I thought about the treat with joy

And knew this sweet I would enjoy

But low, I found when mid day struck

Someone my vaunted cake had took

What more these wretched lowlife bums

Had left the plate, covered in crumbs

I vowed that vengeance would be mine

That I would get the little swine

I sent a memo, made to all

That upon this thief my wrath would fall

Unless the fiend confessed tout sweet

And bought for me another treat

Yet no offenders came on up

So I started hunting down the pup

Checked the desks all round me

Viewed the morning CC TV

Alas, no solid lead came out

At which point I left a blood-rage shout

“You think you’ve got the best of me?

This is not done, oh you shall see!”

I spent the afternoon in thought

About the lowlife perp I sought

When time to leave I spied a note

From the intern Jane, a little dote

She said “I would thank you for today

Being nice on my birthday

And allowing one and all to take

A piece each of your lovely cake!”

With that my memory came clear

That I agreed the little dear

Could take herself a little slice

Of the cake that looked so nice

And with that I could not say no

To other who wanted a go

So when I left it, most was gone

And feasting did continue on

So in the end I came to see

The punk who took the cake, was me.

Why is it?

Why is it?

That I miss you so,

That I am lost without you,

That you cannot escape my mind,

That there is no running from my memory,

From the ghosts of my time with you?


Why is it?

That my life is on edge,

That I cannot fathom a life alone,

That your absence is like the cruellest torture,

That my heart feels empty,

A cavernous space left by your passing?


Why is it?

That you are not here now,

That the red light was ignored,

That the doctors couldn’t save you,

That they buried you so fast,

Before I could say all my goodbyes?

Hypnotic eyes

Hypnotising me with your eyes

Staring right into my soul

Without chance of fighting back or resisting

I succumb quietly

And await my fate


Disarming me with your smile

Those pearly whites, dazzlingly bright

Blinded as if staring into the sun

I cannot see what you are planning

What you want to do


Killing me with your words

Dagger-like syllables that pierce my heart

My self sliced by each comment, razor-sharp criticism

Lead here by you, like a fool

I have no option but to be taken

Another victim of your temptation.