Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Tag: Cold

Haikus 26/04/13

Red light is flashing
The power cell is running out
Typing quickly now

A new lady friend
Arranged to meet tomorrow
This has potential

The sun is shining
But the wind is very cold
Winter is not gone

Rainy Sunday

On a rainy Sunday morning
Night’s chill still in the air
I sit at my table
Looking out at the sheets of rain
Hearing the drip-drip of liberated drops against the glass windows
The noise a solemn counterpoint to the airy music emanating from the radio
Each splash, breaking my calm
For though I could so easily just stay indoors
Business calls me out
Out into the wet
The thought of it alone
Enough to banish whatever warmth I feel
To know that it must happen
That there is nothing I can do about it
The inexorable dread of certainty

Haikus 11/03/13

Filing into plane
We then soar into the air
America bound
Waiting for the bus
Light snow flurries fall around
It’s god damn freezing
Nervous about trip
Heading for the eastern jewel

Keeping Me in Bed

There are some things keeping me in bed
It is far too cold outside
You could hang meat out there
I’d freeze in seconds
Better stay where it is cozy
I’d be too early as well
If I was to go now it would be silly
I doubt there is a bus now
I’d be a fool to try and walk it
Mostly, and I probably won’t say this to anyone else
It is because I want to spend
Those few more precious minutes
Lying next to you, silent as a church mouse
By far the best part of my day

Haikus 19/01/13

Weather all shitty

I’m freezing down to the bone

Gonna get a cold


I’m trying to type

Sleepy dog is nuzzling arm

So I can’t lift it


Classical music

Fills the small messy bedroom

Pleasant atmosphere


Rainy Morning

Lying snugly warm in bed
Happy feelings in my head
Listen to the raindrop’s patter
Trying to ignore the chatter
With little thought it comes to me
That this is where I want to be
I figure I will not get up
I fail to factor in the pup
She bounds within my bedroom door
Demands of me my morning chore
Communicates as clear as talk
Get up it’s now time for my walk
So dragging myself out of bed
Where I would rather stay instead
I put on clothes and coat then brace
For whatever we will face
The weather, truth be told, is shit
And we are walking straight through it
The pup is not a happy bunny
“I told you so!” I find it funny
Back in the house and straight to bed
The pup sticks out her dampened head
While I look out with some dread
For I must go to work instead


I need a jumpstart this morning
It is too cold, the bed too warm
Even the old reliable pup fails me
All I want to do is stay and rest
But I cannot
There are great plans afoot
Awesome deeds ahead of me
Much to do and prepare
So I need a jumpstart
A kick to get me going
To get me back in the game
Ready for another winter’s day


This room is really quite cold
Though the heating is on I am told
This coldness is getting real old
You suggest somewhere warm and I’m sold

Haikus 26/11/12

Lab is very cold
Solvents freezing in bottles
Very hard to work
It’s forbidden fruit
You can look but do not touch
It only brings grief
It is very odd
Strange things on the horizon
Best not look too close
Christmas trees up now?
But it’s only November
That’s far too early

Morning Frost

Early in the morning
Not too early though, weekend and all
Dog starts whining in demand
I look out the window
I am greeted by a white blanket
Not too thick, a smattering of frost
Dusting of ice
But enough to tell me it is going to be cold
Going to be unpleasant
The whine goes up in pitch
The urgency of a full bladder
Forcing me to realise
That even in a day such as this
No matter the conditions
I still have my obligations
So I get up
The daily duty to perform